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Our Legacy Titans are headed into an exciting next couple of weeks as each basketball program looks to compete in the Regional competition and even the State Championship. The boys 1A team is aiming to dominate at Regionals while Middle School boys, Varsity boys, and Varsity girls are hoping to see success state-wide, resulting in the opportunity to battle for the trophy on the courts of University of St. Thomas and Rice University . Outcomes are already looking optimistic, seeing as the Middle Schoolers won 54-17 against KIPP Liberations Monday night. The Middle School team has had the intention of going to State all year. With several bigs who know how to work the paint and a number of guards whose three pointers are consistently guaranteed, we have a trustworthy team. Coach Hicks said, “After the first three games and some practices, we kind of built some team camaraderie, also team chemistry, and we’ve been building ever since.” He also said the team's mission is to stay together - talk, play hard, leave it all on the court, and in the end leave with the State Championship. The boys 1A team is especially focusing on playing as a team as well. Coach B. King is looking for “ball movement and everybody being on the same page defensively.” He continued, “If one man is beat, the next man's back. It's just like a brotherhood. Everybody knows that the next person has got each other’s back.” He said that mentally, the team has become much stronger and are now prone to trusting each other. 1A beat Westpark 3B 71-16 Tuesday night. The boys Varsity 3A team is going to have games you will not want to miss. The fundamentals of this team are founded by the West African term “unbuntu” , which speaks to unity. It is the idea that you cannot be great unless the person next to you is as great as they can be. It is about accountability, respect, and togetherness. Senior Jalen Tomlinson said the conditioning during practice and encouraging each other through that is what is going to ensure success at playoffs. He claimed if he plays hard through the fourth quarter, he will walk off the court with no regrets. Coach Cato said the team's mentality going into playoffs is to “dominate in every aspect of the game,” and to execute all the small details that people overlook, which matter the most. The girls Varsity team has definitely made a statement of their intentions for victory from the get go. Although Coach Ses has been wanting to go to State since the beginning of the season, her main goal has always been development and ensuring each player gets better every day. After witnessing this team's ability to dominate, she knew they were going to compete. These girls are certain to achieve success in their fast breaks, playing solid defense and getting out in transition, and scoring the ball. Senior Allaya Livingston said that success in the game starts with the commitment of coming to the 5:45am practices every morning. “The commitment level is there. Everybody has the same goal and since we all have that same goal, we’ll do whatever it takes to win the Championship.” Coach Ses, as well, has seen that “everybody's on one accord and that's been beautiful to see.” She went on to say, “That has only come over time because the girls have gotten better and have grown together over time. I even think that our girls are better people because of the type of season that we've had. When I sit back and think okay, better every day, have the girls really gotten better every day? Yes. And to me that shows that the sky's the limit because they can continue to get better even beyond basketball.” There's no doubt that playoffs will be exciting to watch as we finally get to see each basketball program’s blood, sweat, and tears come to result in success. Be sure to come support each team, especially since Legacy is hosting a fair amount of the games. Find the details and live broadcasts on ...


Senior James Dearmon is a point guard for our 3A boys basketball team. James, more commonly known as Boogie, started playing basketball as a freshman. Before then, he played football. Although he hopes to play at a professional level one day, his focus right now is to get a scholarship to play in college. “I love everything about the game,” he said. James had a little sister who passed away, but she continues to empower him to keep working to get better everyday. Before she passed, she told him to “take it to another level.” James remembers her support: “She encouraged me to never give up, never quit, and always work to better myself.” Another person in Jame’s life who deserves accredit to is Coach Cato. “I look up to Coach Cato like he's a role model. He always pushes me to get better and he wants me to be the best version of myself I can be. He teaches us lessons that go towards basketball but you can also apply them to life,” James said. His mentality in life and basketball is to, “kill or be killed.” We see this in action by taking opportunities seriously and executing tasks diligently because if he does not meet and exceed the challenge, someone else will. Coach Cato confirms, “Boogie is the engine to our car with his toughness, his leadership, his attitude, and his drive to be the best version of himself day in and day out.” As we all look forward to seeing the accomplishments James will make, his ultimate goal in life is to be a good person by helping other people. ...


Legacy Girls Basketball 7-0 …… and She Continued As our school’s basketball season has kicked off, our girl’s basketball program has been on a roll. The Titans varsity team has had a remarkable start. Going undefeated after facing seven opponents, The Titans have made school history! This team is not only a team, they are a unit that works on one accord. They have great chemistry, as well as understanding amongst one another in a half-court setting, and steady condition to get going in transition when needed. Their dynamic scoring duo Allaya Livingston (C/O 2022) and D’anni Bradley (C/O 2023) consistently put up big points night in and night out. This is in addition to Jazmine Jessie, who gives balance to the floor, her presence in the paint can’t be overlooked. I’ve yet to mention Brittney Anderson (C/O 2026), who can give you baskets on the offensive end but is an absolute pest defensively. She is known to force turnovers to get these Titans in transition easily. Not to mention, she is a middle school student on varsity with a bright future ahead of her! Controlling the floor is JoNesha Neal, who is a floor general with superb floor vision. Her IQ matched with her pass-first mentality sets her squad up to run up the score. Shockingly enough this is only the surface of The Titans: let's discuss the depth of this team by analyzing the bench. Chamberlaigne Elliot (C/O 2023) is a work fanatic. She is someone who works to perfect her craft day in and day out, and it shows in her game. Her detail to the game is unmatched and it shows. She truly takes every rep seriously. Caitlyn Leaks (C/O 2024) is undoubtedly raw talent, her footwork down low is fierce, and with time it will truly become something outstanding. Lastly, Kendall Hitchens (C/O 2025) and Logan Pleasant (C/O 2022) act as translators on the court. They assist the team in understanding by being able to hear her coaches’ demands and help the team understand what is being said. Along with that, Kendall isn’t afraid to show aggression on the court, bringing intimidation with her playstyle. The Titans currently are comparable to a flame as they engulf their competition and continue to grow. They look to continue to keep this fire blazing all season, and by the looks of it, they will be quite difficult to extinguish. Catch the Legacy Titans Girls Varsity Team In Action Next Week: Date - Time - Opponent - Location December 13th - 6:30pm-Mt.Carmel-Sanchez Charter December 14th - 6:30pm - Grand Oaks - Grand Oaks December 15th - 6:30pm - KIPP N.East - Legacy SSS December 17th - 3:00pm - FBCA - Legacy SSS December 18th - 10:30am - Wharton HS - Legacy SSS December 18th - 1:30pm - CHSA - Legacy SSS ...


First year student, Hailey Wilson is a senior. Although she assisted in taking our district champion varsity volleyball team to regional finals, her main sport is track. She focuses on the one hundred, two hundred, and three hundred meter hurdles. Hailey said that from day one, students have been welcoming and she has experienced a “family-like vibe.” She has seen her time management improve as a result of the responsibilities and freedoms Legacy gives. “In college, you’re all on your own, you have nobody telling you what to do. So, this is really preparing me for when I’m really on my own and when I really need to focus on my work,” she says. As she considers Sam Houston State University or Texas Southern University, Hailey wants to go to business school, become an interior designer, and own her own business. ...


Connor Covington is a senior and a part of the Sports Medicine program. His everyday tasks include taping, rehab, and any other care that will prevent injury. He also assists in aiding to athletes when they do get hurt and in general, is held accountable for the safety of athletes. Despite the heat, football is his favorite sport to work with. “I want to do athletic training professionally; either football or hockey,” he said. Connor values and hopes to continue to learn responsibility. His advice for underclassmen is to learn as much as you can. “Don't be afraid of anything. Try to take on as much responsibility as you can. Just learn a lot and it will get you places.” Connor has been at Legacy since the beginning, for all four years of his high school career. He has found his niche in the sports medicine program. “It has helped me a lot because first thing coming here, I did not know what I was going to do,” he said. “Then I found Sports Medicine. I found Rob and she’s helped me.” Connor is going to continue his journey in sports medicine at Sam Houston University. ...