Legacy The School of Sports Sciences is welcoming a new football coach for the 2021-2022 school year. Coach Micheal Bishop has already shown his dedication to the school and the sport through long summer practices. “I think when you're dealing with someone like him, he's accomplished in his own right, and really could have a huge ego, but he does not. He is very approachable, personable,” said Ms. Donyale Canada, Chief Operating Officer of Compliance, who has been with Legacy since day one. “Because he's accomplished a lot, he's not necessarily running around trying to beat his chest to prove anything because [what he has accomplished] already speaks for itself before he even utters a sentence. Just saying the name ‘Michael Bishop’, most people already know what he's done.” Already, within the summer football workouts, staff members have seen a pattern of consistency and enthusiasm in Coach Bishop. His hard work and compassion are leading Legacy and its football program in a positive direction. From his 46-3 college win record as quarterback, to being the 1998 Heisman Runner Up, to receiving the Davey O'Brien Award, and being a part of two national championship teams back to back, Coach Bishop has demonstrated he has a vast amount of football experience and is an expert in his field. After high school, Coach Bishop attended Blinn Community College, followed by Kansas State University. When asked about lessons learned in his past experiences, Coach Bishop said, “The number one lesson you learn about is accountability. You learn about leadership. You learn about being where you're supposed to be, and also you learn about how to get along with different people. Everybody comes from all different backgrounds, so you have to be able to adjust to that.” After Kansas State, Bishop was drafted to the New England Patriots. He then joined the Green Bay Packers and eventually played for the Canadian Football League. “For me, my proudest moment was doing what everybody said I couldn't do - play quarterback.” Working to achieve success, whatever that may look like, is a part of Coach Bishop's lifestyle. “I have a ‘win’ mentality every single day. Whether it is moving chairs in here or having a competition with other coaches, my mentality is, coming from a quarterback standpoint - give me the plan, let me execute it,” said Bishop. “I want to win every single play, every single battle, every single war. That's the way I've been my whole life, because if I don't win, who is going to win?” Coach Bishop talked about how he puts his identity in being a motivator and being a great leader. “I’ve been all over the world playing football. I've been on some great teams. I met some great people, but for me, that's where it stops, it was just football. I take pride and joy in being just Mike. Not Mike the football player, just Mike.” Coach Bishop went on to explain, “At some point, everybody’s [athletic career] ends, but if you're not a great person and you can't live life after sports, then that's an issue.” Coach Bishop’s motivating question for students is, “Hey, what's the next play?” He went on to say, “I look at life like that too. You may have some stumbling, some hurdles, but you have to get over that and be ready for the next thing that comes.” When asked what qualities make a good athlete, Bishop emphasized the need to have a strong mind, adding a demand for work ethic, leadership, great enthusiasm, and the ability to take constructive criticism. Whether it be his teammates in highschool or the players he currently coaches, Bishop looks for those qualities and leads his team “head on.” “I feel like I've been coaching all of my life, because when you play the quarterback position, you have to understand everything that's going on,” Bishop said. He focuses on uplifting those around him and keeping a winning mentality. “My coaching method is to give them a great example, give them no reason to be uncertain, and make sure that everybody has confidence in what we're doing. If everybody's confident that we can, the sky can be the limit. There's no ceiling. Founder of the school, Mrs. Kerrie Patterson-Brown, spoke about how she wanted a football coach that could help students get prepared for life and use sport as their route. “[My vision for the football program looked like] a place where our kids would learn. Learn not just about the game, but life, because I do see the similarities between sports and life, and I wanted someone that would lead the program, that would help guide the kids to becoming young men.” Throughout receiving many awards and recognitions, Coach Bishop humbly continues to push himself and uplift those around him. “My thing that I say to myself every day is: ‘In order to sail the high seas of tomorrow, one cannot be anchored to yesterday.’” Mrs. Patterson-Brown explained that although Legacy consists of coaches who played at high levels themselves, it is not about them, but about the students they are impacting. Bishop made clear what he wants his football players mindsets to be. “[I] hope they have the mentality of: Never give up. I can do it. Winning mentality, winning attitude, winning spirit. So I think there's all kinds of things you can tie in with it but the most important one is, really, the never giving up type mentality.” ...


Our Legacy cheer team attended the National Cheer Association Summer Camp Top Team Competition in July. This was their first appearance at a camp. Our cheer team won the NCA Top Team Cheer 21, meaning they scored the highest in the varsity cheer division. Two of our cheerleaders, Jada Davis and Daisha Cannon, won the NCA All-American award, which provides them with the opportunity to travel overseas to perform with the All-American team. With more than 10 awards/recognitions Legacy’s cheer team is clearly in it to win it, ready for success, and is just getting started. This is senior Allaya Livingston’s first year at Legacy and first year cheerleading. What stood out to her was the high competition and fast pace of the NCA camp. “You had to get all your stuff right because there is always a crowd watching you. You had to make sure you kept up,” she said. During the summer, she received the “NCA Pin it Forward” from the NCA staff, a recognition that only six cheerleaders at the camp can be given. More amazing than the awards from the camp was understanding what each of the awards means for the cheer season. “The best part of being a cheerleader is honestly the teamwork aspect of it. I really like how we always come together,” Livingston said. “And if somebody doesn't make it to practice, we literally can't do a stunt without one person…. how we get along impacts the school just because it shows that teamwork is everything.” Legacy’s cheer coach, Sierra Quiroga, was asked about the success of the cheer team at the camp and her role this year as the cheer coach. “You can ask any of my cheerleaders, I am a tough coach. But I'm tough because I know what it takes to make it to the next level. And that's why I tell them whatever your next level in life is, I'm going to help you get there.” When asked about the characteristics of the team that are important, Coach Q noted, “Definitely we stress on and off the mat to be a Titan; to ‘Titan up.’ We preach the Legacy way. So be where we are supposed to be; do what we are supposed to do in the pursuit of academic and athletic excellence. My girls showcase that day in and day out.” Varsity Cheer Captain and senior, Asia Roy, has been cheering for thirteen years. She is a two-time All-American Nominee. Her responsibility as captain is making sure the team is ready at all times. “I’m checking to make sure everybody knows what uniform we are wearing, what cheers we are going to perform next, making sure we have all the equipment we need to be successful, and I’m helping with the routines and perfecting them,” she said. “It’s a lot with being the cheer captain but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” Roy plans on continuing her cheerleading journey at Clark Atlanta University in Georgia. Coach Q said her mentality is. “Do or do not; there is no try.” This saying has reoccurred throughout her life and it is something she emphasizes every practice. “A well rounded athlete needs to have character, attitude, and self awareness. Those are things that make a good athlete. Anybody can dribble a ball, anybody can throw a back handspring. Anybody can do a stunt. But what's gonna set you apart from those people and it's those three things….We're not going to halfway do something. [We’re] really going to do it, or we're not going to do it at all. So always go big or go home, always do it or don't but just don't be stuck in that middle of that gray area. Just go for it. 100%.” Apart from the amazing successes and the challenges conquered by this team and it’s individuals, we cannot wait to see the impact they will have on Legacy’s spirit and school pride. When asked about being on the cheer team, junior Daisha Cannon noted, “The best part about being a cheerleader is being able to uplift and engage with the crowd.” Uplifting the crowd is just what the cheer team will be doing this school year, so make plans to come and see them perform. The recognitions and awards received were as follows: - Superior Evaluation for Band Chant Dance - Superior Evaluation for Game Day Cheer - Excellent Evaluation for Game Day Chant - NCA Technical Excellence 21 award: for having the most tradition, crowd involvement, and presentation of the camp. - NCA Most Improved 21: for displaying constant growth throughout camp and executed all new skills learned. - NCA two-time spirit stick recipient: for showcasing a high level of school spirit. - Nominatee for Full Squad NCA All-American - NCA National Bid to compete in Dallas at the Game Day National Competition - became a National Federation of State High School Associations Credentialed team. ...


Titan Varsity Legacy Volleybash Recap 8/12-8/14 Recently our Varsity Titan Volleyball team competed in the 2021 Volleybash that took place at Pasadena Memorial High School. On their opening day, Legacy faced three teams and began their tournament off with a nail-biting victory against the 6A caliber C.E. King High School from Sheldon ISD. In their first game they faced aggression from their opposition, but the Titan’s Co-Captains, Cadence Leaks #8 and Gracie Hill #7, didn’t back down as they defended effectively against the deep court hits C.E. King presented. As the match continued, the Titans adjusted and began to get into a rhythm leading them to ultimately succeeding in their first match! As they rolled into the next match they faced La Porte High School, a 6A high school from LaPorte ISD. While our Titans may not have gotten the outcome they wanted, they gave them a run for their money. The Titans faced the obstacle of being down a starter, which meant eighth grader Phillipa Jones had to step up. She received solid swings from the outside and held her ground against the competition. As we move forward, we would like to give respect to La Porte. They went on to win first place in the tournament. As the Titans finished up their day they faced their last opponents: Houston Lamar High School, coming from the 6A HISD district. Once again down a starter, the Titans faced yet another inconvenience. Nonetheless, sophomore Journey Chargois #10 stayed firm at the net and helped bring momentum to the team with her blocks. The Titans unfortunately fell short during this game, but they certainly made some improvements to their passing, which they wanted to focus on enhancing. As the sun rose Saturday, the Titans were rested and ready for some more volleyball. The Titans faced a familiar foe, Lutheran South Academy from TAPPS,Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools. In the past, the Titans faced LSA and lost three sets to none. This time around, the Titans had redemption on their mind. The Titans came swinging and put up quite the fight, forcing LSA to earn two extra points to win their sets. In this game, Calasca Collins #5 had game-shifting blocks and great off-blocking. As the tourney came to an end, the Titans faced CE King once more. This time around the Titans were more offensively active. Eighth grade setter, Lilia Ottenwalder #9 ,went for a setter’s kill four times and executed three of those four. Her teammates Mariah Bell #9 and Journey Chargois #10 noticed and set her up for some splits, leading to kills showing the Titans dominance. All around this was a great game for the Titans. To add to the great game, Brianna Scott #3, the new-coming eighth grader was precise from the serving line, nailing her serves and supporting her team incredibly. Ultimately the Titans had their ups and downs, but in the end they have a lot they can be proud of. Leaving the Volleybash with a third place position on the silver court, the Titans don’t have much to be disappointed in, and now know what to work on as they prepare for more games this season. The Titans Varsity Volleyball season will be one you want to pay attention to to see fresh new young talent, combined with some more seasoned and experienced players to lead them....


Spring, Texas (July 25, 2021) -- Head Coach Sierra Quiroga and the 2021-2022 cheerleading squad left today for the National Cheerleaders (NCA) Fort Bend camp which is being held in Fort Bend this week. ...


Thank you, Astros Foundation; we look forward to working with you in the fall. This past April and May, we had a select group of kids fortunate to attend daily, a pilot program that we created with the Houston Astros Foundation. This was an excellent opportunity for our students to learn more about the sports industry from industry experts. We will continue to build programming like this at Legacy to provide opportunities for every student. Check out the video our Sports Management Society students put together to learn more about the program. Click here: ...


Kansas State legend and Legacy Head Football Coach, Michael Bishop was named to the 2022 ballot for induction into the College Football Hall of Fame, announced today.