If you have been to the weight room this year, you will know that there is a welcomed addition to Legacy. The new Athletics Human Performance program consists of coaches who are committed to the betterment of student athletes in their sport as well as everyday responsibilities. The goal of this coaching team is to not only improve the students athletic performance through intense and specific strength and conditioning training, but to also cultivate the mentality needed to carry greatness into every aspect of life. Coach Terrence O’Brian of LSU says he has always had a passion for the strength and conditioning pathway. “It started with myself, and understanding the body. I always enjoyed the process of getting stronger, getting faster,” he says. “I started to study development and how this stuff works… Then I just started working with more and more people and kids and developed my passion for helping people and developing individuals whether it be in sport or fitness in general.” Coach Chanquis Robertson is a first generation college graduate. Growing up, her family was very strict academically, not accepting anything under an 85%. This benefited her through and through, graduating high school in the top 10 percent resulting in college being funded almost entirely through academic scholarships. This upbringing of high expectations influenced her to not set limits on herself. She ended up graduating from Texas A&M with a Bachelors of Science in both sports kinesiology and sport administration as well as double minoring in biomedical sciences and coaching. The two coaches share the same mindset of never being satisfied. Coach Chan said, “...just the general idea that if I sit still, I’m no longer moving forward or making progressions or growing as a person because you change over time,” and keeps her from being content with a mundane routine. Similarly, Coach T says to do something everyday that will make you better tomorrow. By taking this initiative you are able to have more of a control of where your life is heading. “If you never take the time to understand why you do everything you do, why you get yourself in every situation you get in, you’re just pretty much playing the same game with your life that everybody else is,” Coach T said. “You always got to be on top…. [know] what it is and who you are.” For the strength and conditioning program, the coaches have created a getaway, a place you can walk into and walk out feeling better about yourself than before. “We want to create an environment here, where you can come in here and learn something about yourself or do something for yourself on a daily basis, that can make you better,” said Coach T, “We want y’all to know we’re locked in, like, we’re ready for you to do well here because that's our job. Our job is about y’alls performance.” The layout of the program is run on the regard of individuality while still accommodating the team aspect. There is a high value in self discipline and self responsibility because a college atmosphere has been created. Coach Chan loves working with student athletes because she gets to teach them how to prepare for real life. Lessons in sport are lessons to be transferred into everyday life. “A person who does not know what it means to commit, what that word actually entails, will never be sustainable in what they are trying to do,” she said. “Because you can come in and be just a natural athlete all day, but you can be two times or 10 times better if you commit yourself to actually structuring your day, doing what you need to do so that you can be better than yourself, not better than someone else.” Ultimately, the coaches want to know your goals and they want to help you reach them, and they will by getting to know the athlete as an individual. Great measures have been taken to get more personal with the student athlete by emailing out SWOT analysis surveys. Questions were asked about diet and past injuries, as well as personal goals and where you see yourself in a number of years. Coach T and Coach Chan are looking for student athletes who are willing to take the initiative and commit to working daily to become a better version of themselves. This can be done through strength training, taking care of your mind, perfecting your fundamentals in your sport, staying on top of your grades, taking care of your body, managing your time, and the list goes on. For anyone wanting to improve themselves in the athletic world and if you are willing to commit to yourself, then the Athletics Human Performance coaches are ready to help you complete your aspirations. ...


Chicago, IL (Sept. 19, 2022) – Legacy the School of Sports Sciences’ announced today a new partnership with Honest Game, a technology company that helps high school student-athletes track and navigate the college academic eligibility and recruiting process. Honest Game is working with Legacy to create a data-driven pathway to college eligibility and admissions for all students. This latest effort furthers Legacy’s focus of educating student-athletes by exposing them to the different professions within athletics. “Legacy is a school that honors sports and the support and development of our student-athletes,” said Chief Academic Officer and Principal, Ralph Butler. “95% of our student population consists of student-athletes, which is why Honest Game is such a crucial tool for us to be able to leverage.” Nearly one million student-athletes are deemed academically ineligible each year as a result of avoidable or recoverable errors, such as enrolling in classes that do not meet National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) requirements. This statistic increases to one in two student-athletes from underserved communities. Honest Game is the industry?leading on-demand academic compliance solution for high school administrators, designed to save them time and resources by automating the complex and constantly changing NCAA rules and requirements. “Working with dedicated school districts and schools similar to Legacy who go the extra mile to address the needs of its students is one of the many reasons we created Honest Game,” said Kim Michelson, Honest Game Co-Founder and CEO. “The outstanding athletic and coaching staff at Legacy understand that identifying the path to success early and having a roadmap can make all the difference in the world. It has been incredible to see the almost immediate change in these deserving students after using Honest Game and realizing their potential, and we can’t wait to see what this will do for the students and staff at Legacy.” Legacy is a thematic learning environment, tied together with project-based learning, which has created a curriculum focused on specific areas including athletic administration, coaching, sports media, and sports medicine. 72% of Legacy’s teachers are former collegiate or professional athletes who are now helping the next generation and providing essential resources to students to turn their college athletic aspirations into reality. The Honest Game contract with Legacy is through the 2022-23 school year....


Texas High School Football - Legacy School of Sport Sciences tipped by Hargrave August 26, 2022: Huffman, TX 77336 The Legacy School of Sport Sciences Titans football team (Spring, TX), was tipped 28-27 in Friday's non-league challenge with the host Hargrave Falcons (Huffman, TX) The Falcons (1-0) will now prepare for their challenge against Silsbee (Silsbee, TX). The Tigers come into the non-league challenge with a 1-0 record. In their last challenge, Silsbee nipped Vidor (Vidor, TX), 48-7, in a non-league challenge. The Titans now sport a 0-1 record. They take the field next when they host Orangefield for a non-league challenge on Friday, September 2. Legacy School of Sport Sciences will meet a Bobcats team coming off a 28-9 non-league win over Bridge City (Bridge City, TX). The Bobcats record now stands at 1-0....


Spring, Texas (August 2022) -- Charlene Bradley was named the Titans' Head Softball coach basketball team. Bradley replaces Rayla Robinson, who resigned from coaching, and currently serves as Legacy's PTECH Coordinator and Head Athletic Trainer. Bradley inherits a program that has won three (3) State Championship titles and is primed to repeat again this year. Bradley is a native Houstonian who fell in love with softball at an early age. She played softball at Stephen F. Austin (SFA), before enlisting in the United States Navy. Bradley holds multiple degrees including a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and a Master's of Business Administration. Bradley lives in Spring, Texas with her husband and two kids. When she is not on the softball field, you can find her supporting her children in all of their extracurricular activities, traveling and volunteering. She loves giving back and teaching young ladies the game of softball. Her love for the game, and sports in general led her into coaching career. Prior to joining Legacy, she served as the Head Varsity Softball coach of Texas Strikeforce Elite (18U). Follow Legacy Softball on twitter : @LSSSSoftball...


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Our Legacy Titans are headed into an exciting next couple of weeks as each basketball program looks to compete in the Regional competition and even the State Championship. The boys 1A team is aiming to dominate at Regionals while Middle School boys, Varsity boys, and Varsity girls are hoping to see success state-wide, resulting in the opportunity to battle for the trophy on the courts of University of St. Thomas and Rice University . Outcomes are already looking optimistic, seeing as the Middle Schoolers won 54-17 against KIPP Liberations Monday night. The Middle School team has had the intention of going to State all year. With several bigs who know how to work the paint and a number of guards whose three pointers are consistently guaranteed, we have a trustworthy team. Coach Hicks said, “After the first three games and some practices, we kind of built some team camaraderie, also team chemistry, and we’ve been building ever since.” He also said the team's mission is to stay together - talk, play hard, leave it all on the court, and in the end leave with the State Championship. The boys 1A team is especially focusing on playing as a team as well. Coach B. King is looking for “ball movement and everybody being on the same page defensively.” He continued, “If one man is beat, the next man's back. It's just like a brotherhood. Everybody knows that the next person has got each other’s back.” He said that mentally, the team has become much stronger and are now prone to trusting each other. 1A beat Westpark 3B 71-16 Tuesday night. The boys Varsity 3A team is going to have games you will not want to miss. The fundamentals of this team are founded by the West African term “unbuntu” , which speaks to unity. It is the idea that you cannot be great unless the person next to you is as great as they can be. It is about accountability, respect, and togetherness. Senior Jalen Tomlinson said the conditioning during practice and encouraging each other through that is what is going to ensure success at playoffs. He claimed if he plays hard through the fourth quarter, he will walk off the court with no regrets. Coach Cato said the team's mentality going into playoffs is to “dominate in every aspect of the game,” and to execute all the small details that people overlook, which matter the most. The girls Varsity team has definitely made a statement of their intentions for victory from the get go. Although Coach Ses has been wanting to go to State since the beginning of the season, her main goal has always been development and ensuring each player gets better every day. After witnessing this team's ability to dominate, she knew they were going to compete. These girls are certain to achieve success in their fast breaks, playing solid defense and getting out in transition, and scoring the ball. Senior Allaya Livingston said that success in the game starts with the commitment of coming to the 5:45am practices every morning. “The commitment level is there. Everybody has the same goal and since we all have that same goal, we’ll do whatever it takes to win the Championship.” Coach Ses, as well, has seen that “everybody's on one accord and that's been beautiful to see.” She went on to say, “That has only come over time because the girls have gotten better and have grown together over time. I even think that our girls are better people because of the type of season that we've had. When I sit back and think okay, better every day, have the girls really gotten better every day? Yes. And to me that shows that the sky's the limit because they can continue to get better even beyond basketball.” There's no doubt that playoffs will be exciting to watch as we finally get to see each basketball program’s blood, sweat, and tears come to result in success. Be sure to come support each team, especially since Legacy is hosting a fair amount of the games. Find the details and live broadcasts on ...